Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Unique (the one and only "exemplar")

This envelope was send to 10 countries ( France , Canada , Spain , Switzerland , Germany etc. ) by plane to 10 big collectors in a period of Christmas ( the date is not precised ).Each one of them stamped this envelope.

I want to sell this because i just quit collecting stamps.

Buyers send me an email!

International Exposition from New York (1939)

Participation of Romania.

If you are interested of buying this send me an email.

I also have Envelopes , Stamps , Different Coins , Phone Cards , Hundreds of Postcards etc.

I will post on categories all i have as fast as i can.

Collection of Stamps ( Very Rare , 5 Samples )

Van Eyck - The Man With Blue Bonnet

Hundreds of unstuck stamps

Two stamp books

Different themes : animals , sport , flowers , fruits , trains , astronomy etc.